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Ruby Sue

We were very impressed with Hilltop Jerseys and would recommend them to anyone looking to add a family milk cow to their farm. We looked at several different options before purchasing our Jersey and are so glad we settled on Hilltop. We purchased a super sweet girl who produces a lot and is calm and gentle when being milked. The milk tastes excellent also! We really appreciated how well the cows are cared for at Hilltop and how they have access to such healthy pasture there. They even helped me get her registration paperwork back after I misplaced, which was greatly appreciated.

Marissa Kellner


Perfecta was a trooper for the 10 hour drive home, and was so quick to fit into our program. She is easy to milk and not at all worried about the kiddos running around and wanting to be a part of it! Well worth the trip to get her!

Emma DeForest


They have done a fantastic job raising Janelle to be respectful and gentle. They halter broke her for us as soon as we put a deposit down. She has an amazing temperament and for only being 2 is an absolute dream to milk. Highly highly highly recommend HillTop Jerseys. First time milk cow owners and literally could not ask her to be better. They answered all of our questions without hesitation. Thank yall so much for her!

Sheena Shook


This is our second milk cow we have purchased from Hilltop Jerseys and she is an absolute dream! Kristen and Michael do a FABULOUS job of training their cows to be great additions to small family farms. Isabel is such a sweetie and we have had her less than a day. She went right up in our stanchion and stood still for her very first milking on our farm this morning. She is so sweet and adorable and absolutely beautiful. We are not surprised at the quality of animal we have received because the first cow we bought from Hilltop last year was also all of these things! We cannot recommend Hilltop Jerseys enough – they drove all the way down to deep South Texas (twice) to deliver each of our cows. We love these guys!! Thank you so much! We love the cows too! Sweet and kind family and sweet and gentle cows.

Octavia and Antonio Martinez

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